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Dean Randazzo Advanced Surf Lessons


Dean Randazzo Advanced Surf Lessons

Learn to surf with former WCT Competitor Dean Randazzo. Dean is the most decorated Surfer ever from New Jersey, having competed preofessionally for nearly 30 years.

This Summer we are offering smal group (3-4  Surfers) advanced lesson with Dean. These lessons will be held bi-weekly on a day when the waves and the tides will offer optimal conditions.

$95.00 1 hour Small group Lesson (3-4 Surfers)

Call the Shop at 732-681-6405 for more information or to schedule a lesson.

Tentative 2017 Dates

July 11-12-13-25-26-27

August 8-9-10 23-24-25

 The Advanced Surfing Competive Training program developed by Dean is a coaching and training program based around the fundamentals of good surfing; speed, power, flow, proper form / technique and on-rail surfing.  Dean breaks it down into structured training levels starting with Level 1 developing speed through proper body mechanics.  This level covers all the basics, paddling, initial pop up and positioning.   This level builds the foundation for good surfing and the following levels to come.  Ultimately, developing these skills will improve your surfing and improve your contest results.  Dean works with any level surfer from beginners to pro and can formulate a specific program for any individual to “SURF BETTER”.


Ensure the boards you are riding are optimal for your weight, ability, conditions and surfing style. Having the best equipment possible is cornerstone to maximizing the performance surfing potential and confidence in all conditions.  Learn about board design, fins, rockers etc.. you need to know your equipment to be better prepared for competitions in various conditions.

Proper body positioning and technique may be the most important skill you learn. If you have a good basic surfing foundation the rest will come much easier for you.  Advanced maneuvers will come more naturally when you are consistently implementing the basic body positioning and technique correctly. How to gain speed from the take-off setting up the bottom turn sets the foundation for advanced maneuvers.  Proper body position, technique and strength will add on rail surfing and power to your surfing.

Reading waves is also a basic skill some people never get down. You will learn about how different swell directions can make waves break differently along the same reef or beach break and how to find the best waves in your session or in a heat.

As a competitor you will be scored by a panel of judges. The role of a judge in a surfing contest is to decide which surfer performs the closest to the “Judging Criteria” in any heat. The fundamental importance of the criteria is that each judge understands what he is looking for from the surfers.  Learning the Criteria and what that means on different breaks and wave conditions is crucial to success.  Surfing psychology;  how to mentally prepare for competition over thinking, confidence, negative thoughts, fear of failure are a few of the emotions surfers face during competitions, ultimately hindering performance.  Focusing on what we can control  will aid in the preparation for competitions and build confidence and lead to better results.    

As a certified personal trainer with a specialization in sports performance training,  Dean can implement a surf specific training program or corrective exercise program to achieve your personal goals.  Proper training and stretching will greatly decrease your chances of injury.  Surfers tend to see more knee, shoulder, neck and lower back injury’s due to muscle imbalances and other stresses on the joints.