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Modern Blackbird X1 Model





Modern Blackbird X1 Model

7’0″ Width: 21 1/2″ Thickness: 2 1/2″ Designed for Surfers up to 175lbs

7’6″ Width: 21 5/8″ Thickness: 2 5/8″ Designed for Surfers up to 190lbs

8’0″ Width: 22″ Thickness: 3″ Designed for Surfers up to 210lbs


The Modern Blackbird offers a free and flowing ride for the most experienced of Surfers. It also offer a very stable and smooth board for a beginner to intermediate Surfer.

Classified as Fun Boards, these shapes features a very balanced outline and generous sweet spot through the middle of the board. The rounded nose and full rails add to the versatility of this model. It also offers more performance compared to similar boards. The curvy outline through the tail, moderate nose and tail rocker, combined with a single to double concave bottom enhances the maneuverability of the shape.

X-1 Epoxy is a simple yet effective construction using epoxy resin, woven fiberglass cloth and a lightweight EPS core. This construction is lightweight, affordable and is very well suited to manufacturing surfboards. X-1 Epoxy boards are most popular for their subtle flex and memory recall properties, which translates into a board that feels light and responsive, and offers reliable performance regardless of the conditions.

The traditional cut-lap resin tints on the Blackbird not only look striking, but also guarantee that each board has it’s own unique appearance.

The smaller sizes are set up as thrusters while the larger sizes have a 2+1 set-up for a more controlled feel.

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Additional information

Weight 50.0 lbs
Dimensions 110 x 24 x 6 in

Blue, Green


7'0, 7'6, 8'0