Shapers Series Dolphin Fin
Shapers Series Dolphin Fin-4577Shapers Series Dolphin fin

Shapers Series Dolphin Fin





Product Description

Shapers Series Dolphin Fin

The perfect all-around longboard fin…… Longer base provides drive and stability, while the thinner tip allows ease in direction changes

6.5″ Base 5.34″ perfect for 2+1 set-ups

7″ Base: 5.5″ perfect in 2+1 set-ups

8″ Base: 5.5″ Works as a single or in 2+1 setups

9″ Base: 6.2″ Works in single fin set-ups

10″ Base 6.25″ Great or Single fins or SUP’s

Sold in Assorted colors or email for available colors

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Fin Size

7 in, 9 in, 6.5 in, 8 in, 10 in