Walden Magic Model





Walden Magic Model

Available 8’0″-10’0″

Handshaped in California by the Walden crew!

Please call for availability….. Custom orders gladly accepted 4-6 week delivery

Typical dimensions for a 9’0″ 19″ x 22 1/4″ x 14 5/8″ 70L

The Magic Model is the original modern longboard, it has been our best-selling surfboard since the early 80‘s. The number one question we get asked about the Magic Model is what makes it work so well. We try to simplify the design into three parts that every Magic Model has:  1.The Magic Hull 2.Magic Rocker 3.Magic Rails

The Magic Hull is unique, the front 1/2 of the hull is concave, this single concave transitions into a double concave in the rear 1/3 and ends towards the tail, which has a moderate “V”. The concave nose adds lift and stability, perfect for nose riding. The double concaved hull and hard rails make the board fast, stable, responsive and maneuverable in all conditions. The Magic rails are hard, they tend to be harder than most other longboards, the unique bottom curve & bevels keep the rails from catching like most other hard rail boards. The Magic Model has a full rocker resulting in more tail maneuverability and more control when nose-riding. The combination of these design elements that Steve has perfected over the years has resulted in one of the best-selling longboards of all time. The Magic Model is an all-around high-performance surfboard that rides just as great in small surf as it does in big surf. The Magic Model is the right choice for every level of surfer too. The Magic Model is so unique it even has a patented hull design. We recommend this board for: Everyone in most conditions.


Starting price quotes are for a clear polyester board with a spray finish. 2 1 fin set-up (FCS II or Futures)  Custom colors and artwork are available. Call or e-mail for current stock or custom orders. Custom board delivery 4 weeks.


    PLEASE NOTE: If you order the board directly from our site we will contact you to confirm availability and final shipping cost. The average shipping charges are approximately $100.00. There are no shipping charges added on boards picked up at the Shop.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 75.0 lbs

10'0, 8'0, 8'6, 9'0, 9'6

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All orders will be processed within 1 to 3 business days (excluding weekends & holidays) after your order confirmation email has been received. We will also send you an email notification once your order has shipped.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not take responsibility for any delays that may happen due to unforeseen circumstances which we cannot control. This includes delays due to any high-volume ordering periods (such as during the holidays), as well as, any delays due to postal service/delivery company issues that are also outside of our control.

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