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Bali-Indonesia | Eastern Lines Surf Shop

Where: Indian Ocean

What: Perfect world class lefts that you have read about in the magazines including Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Bingin, Kuta Reefs

Bali-Indonesia | Eastern Lines Surf Shop

Why: 300+ yard perfect, hollow lefts
Cost: $800-$1200 for airfare, $5-$10 a night to stay in a luxury hotel, $3 for a good meal and a beer. $500 spending money will last you a month…you have to work hard to spend your money
Difficulty Level: Indonesia is definitely for the more advanced, seasoned surfer. A majority of the surf spots are extremely shallow and wave size is generally well overhead…Know your limits…There are plenty of other great destinations that have fun more manageable surf

What you need to go: a valid passport, immunizations (talk to you doctor about this one), reef boats are a must a most spots (bring two pairs in case you lose one), long sleeve rash guard, lots of sunscreen (try the tinted HeadHunter), a shortie wetsuit to protect you from the reef, gath helmet (recommended)
Surf Equipment: Surfboard size and shape is more of a personal choice but I recommend you bring at least two boards and you add a couple inches to your everyday board and bring a midrange gun. Ideal boards if you normally ride a shortboard between 6’2-6’4 bring a 6’6 rounded pin, a 6’10 rounded pin (optional), and a 7’2 mid range gun for the bigger stuff.

How to get there: The plane flight to Bali is the most expensive and difficult part of the trip. If Bali was close everyone from the East Coast would be on the next plane to the Spice Islands, but it’s not. Indonesia is on the exact opposite side of the world so from the East Coast you can fly either east or west. Most westbounds routes will take you through Hawaii and then Guam, whereas eastbound you will fly through Singapore. Be sure to search thoroughly for your tickets prices range from as low as $850 to as much as $2000. Check with they specialize in the Orient and the Pacific Rim. Make sure you fly into DENPASAR, Bali…Don’t let the travel agent talk you into flying into to Java and catching a commuter flight to Bali, It is not worth the money that you may save!!!

Aerial image of The Bukit, Bali, Indo


1.Stay outside of Kuta. Kuta is where all the action is: world class nite clubs, shops, tourists, and crowds. Check out the Bukit Inn about a $1 taxi ride away from Kuta but 15-20 minutes closer to the waves in the morning during rush hour.

2. Hire a driver..the roads are crazy..driving laws don’t apply. Renting a car costs about $4 a day whereas a car with a driver runs about $6 a day

3. If you want to go to G-Land or on a boat trip to Lombok/Sumbawa DON’T BOOK THE TRIP until you get toBali. U.S. surf travel agents will tack on their premium and charge you U.S. prices, with three camps at G-Land and plenty of boats running the Lombok/Sumbawa route you can save a lot of money by waiting till you arrive in Indo to book these ventures.

4. As always respect the culture and the people. Bali is one of the most amazing and safest places in the world. Remember YOU ARE NOT IN THE UNITED STATES. Drug laws and laws against theft are extremely harsh and in some cases are punishable by death.

5. As always KNOW YOUR LIMITS!!

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