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Dominica is a Caribbean Island located about half way between Puerto Rico and Trinidad.

Dominica defies the Caribbean cliché on many levels. No mass tourism, no white powdery beaches, no rum-fueled pool parties. Nicknamed ‘nature island’ for a reason, the island lures largely individualists and ecoadventurers with its Boiling Lake, Champagne Reef, rainforest-shrouded volcano, sulfurous hot springs, superb diving, surfing and the Caribbean’s first long-distance hiking trail.

Airports & Airlines

Douglas Charles Airport Most flights arrive at this small airport, previously known as Melville Hall Airport. It’s near Marigot on the northeast side of the island and about a 90-minute drive from Roseau. LIAT, Winair, Hummingbird Air, Air Sunshine, Air Antilles and Seabourne Airlines provide service within the region.

Canefield Airport This tiny airport is on the west coast near Massacre about 15 minutes north of Roseau. Winair flies to St-Martin/Sint Maarten from here but other flights are mostly private planes.

There are no flights to or from North America and Europe. You need to connect in Antigua, Barbados, St-Martin/Sint Maarten, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe or Martinique.

Dominica is not very well know as a surf destination, but if you are looking for uncrowded surf in lush tropical conditions, Dominica is worth a look. There are several known surf spots in Dominca:

Calibishie, located on the NE coast. Rock, reef bottom, very consistent on North-Northeast swells

L’anse Tortue Located south of Calibishie, it also has a rock reef bottom.

Pauga Bay Located on the East coast, this is a fickle rivermouth, that on the right swell produces a great wave!

Turd Burgers, located on the East coast, this is a beachbreak better suited to beginner Surfers.

Scott’s Head, located on the South point of the island. This is a good left on a rock reef. Only breaks on south swells.


In addition to Surfing, Dominica offers beautiful waterfalls,hiking, and great diving. The people are incredibly friendly and go out of their way to help you. When we were there, we hired a driver for $20 a day. He drove us all over the island where we met wonderful people and had an awesome time.  Although we were only there for a few days, I think it would be a great spot to return to.