At Eastern Lines we’ve always had some of the most talented Surfers in the area represent us. Going all the way back to 1984 our surf team won the first ever ESA/CNJ team championship, beating such shops as Grog’s Ocean Hut, Surfers Union, Inlet Outlet and Brave New World!

Our current Team includes:

Brian Dalton, Nicky DeLisa, Alex Brooks, Dave Pollera, Mark Giresi (BB), Pat Hemenway (BB), Rob Mack (BB), James Margetis, Danny “Admiral” Stockdale, Crazy Michael, JJ Egan, Red Eye Davies, Barry Peterson, Logan Kamen, Chris Wilson, Henry Hall and Noah Wilson.

Some of the great Surfers and friends that have represented us include:
Brian Lloyd, Russ and Dean Iglay, Artie Blanco, Kevin Daughton, Jay Demaso, Bruce Trowbridge, Tippy O’Neill, Mike Pelech, Tommy Day, Frank Merlo, Dave Seiling, Jimmy Leone, Dona Logdon, Benj Schwartz, TJ Stockdale, Don Brush, Glen Smyth, Bill Simone, Bridget Moore, Luke Mitchell, Red Eye Davies, Dudley, Steve Lenches, Mike “French Fry” Denis, Dan Cesareo, Josiah Lloyd, Pat Castellano, Sarah Mancini, Henry Hall Noah and Chris Wilson and a host of others. We have always shared a tight bond not only as team members, but also as good friends. I’d like to thank all of you that have supported the shop over the years!