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If you’re ready to trade in your average local break for a taste of the unconventional, then look no further than Morocco. Not only is the North African country flush with waves, its rich culture is a wonder to explore. The southern coast is home to several standout breaks, including the world-renowned Anchor Point at Taghazout Bay. Enjoy authentic Moroccan cuisine, take a camel ride, and score some amazing surf all in the same day. From roping point breaks to fun beach breaks, Morocco has it all.


From your balcony at Sol House you can see the famous Anchor Point, Morocco’s mecca of surfing located just fifteen minutes to the North. This right-hand point break is for intermediate to advanced surfers and has three distinct take-off spots. On a strong north-west swell, it is possible to surf from the point to inside the bay, a distance of nearly 2km.

There are also several smaller points featuring fun waves scattered north of Taghazout, including Killers and Mysteries.

Farther to the North are other types of breaks, including the punchy right-hand reef break Boilers (as seen in the short film Boiler Boys), and Tamri, a fun beach break that picks up steeper north-west swells. Tamri is 40 minutes away by vehicle.

Twenty minutes south of Tadenga is Anza, known locally as the “Trestles of Morocco,” which features lefts and rights off a point and a beach break.

The guides at Sol House are experienced local champions and great at identifying the appropriate break for each swell. They accommodate early morning, afternoon, or all-day sessions. Travel is by van and a boxed lunch is brought directly to you on the beach.


The Western Atlantic Ocean lights up in fall and winter months. From October through April north west swells pulse energy to Morocco.  Peak time frame for larger swell is between November and March, but you can find really fun surf all season long.  During the fall and winter season, the prevailing winds are offshore.

The water in Morocco is very similar to Southern California, with deep blue, semi-clear water that reaches into the mid to low 60s in the fall and winter months and the upper 60s and low 70s in the summer. The air temperatures are also similar, growing sunny and warm during the day, and cooling off in the evening.