About Eastern Lines


Eastern Lines has been serving Ocean enthusiasts in New Jersey since 1981. Our Mantra has always been……. Soul – Tradition & Experience! We would love everyone to enjoy the exhilaration of spending time on the ocean and waterways. Anyone can learn to Surf, but the explosion of SUP’s has offered many more people the opportunity to experience the Ocean Lifestyle we love!

We offer Lessons to those new to the sport on the calm waters of Shark River. A lesson is important to learn the correct techniques of SUP, to make your paddling adventure the most fun and beneficial.

Our lessons begin on the beach where you become familiar with the board and the paddle. In just a short time we’ll have you out on the water paddling and enjoying the day! After just one lesson most students are comfortable enough to proceed on their own, but we do offer additional lessons for those that need more confidence or want to further improve their SUP techniques.

As your skill levels improve, we do offer introductory SUP Surfing lessons. Taking an SUP into the ocean is a completely different experience than flat water paddling. Only those that are proficient paddlers and are confident controlling their board should venture into the surf. If you are ready…… we can help give you the tools to ride that wave!



Beginner – 1 ½ hours @ Shark River (up to 2 people)

Paddleboard and paddle included in lesson – $150.00 each

If you have a larger group we can provide additional instructors and discounts!

Beginner Surf Lesson – 75 Minutes in Belmar in the ocean – $90.00

We offer lessons 7 days a week from May into October. All you need to do is call the shop @ 732-681-6405 and we’ll get you set up. Our lessons are tailored to your schedule……. Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, Weekdays or Weekends……..