Tired of surfing in a full suit in freezing water? Tired of the crowds or lack of good surf? Sounds to me like you need to go on a Surf Trip……… Below is a list of web sites dedicated to the traveling surfer with locations all over the World!

Waterways Travel

Waterways are one of the largest and one of the most experienced surf travel companies out there. They offer fully inclusive group packages, independent camp packages, yacht charters, guided camping tours, and self-drive surf holidays that are tailored to deliver the Worlds best surf, while still providing an exhilarating sense of discovery and personal experiences.El Salvador, Macaroni Isl, Mahalo II Yacht, Salani Surf Resort (Samoa), Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, Maldives, Bali, Timor, Lombok, Sumba, Mentawai Isl, No. Sumatra, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Africa & Ireland

Pure Vacations

Surfers travel with Pure Vacations year and out, because they know they’re somewhat obsessed about offering most destinations and the best experience possible, while still remaining a specialist and very travel environment-friendly company.Portugal, England, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, British Virgin Islands, Maldives, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Australia, Bali & Hawaii


Saraina Koat Mentawai is honored to be able to offer services within the wave-rich Mentawai Islands region. Their goal is to provide customers the surfing experience of their lives and give them a realistic expectation of what a trip to the Mentawai Islands is comprised of.


Wavehunters is a full-service surf travel agency with custom packages and airfares to prime Surfing areas throughout the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Wavehunters offers surf resorts, surf camps, deluxe hotel and resort packages, and tent trips from 5 stars to no stars!Maldives, Mentawais, Sumatra, Bali, Reunion Island, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, Caroline Islands, Spain, France, & Chile

Surf Express

Surf Express was one of the first travel companies to specialize in surf travel trips. They continue to set-up tours of world-wide surf destinations.Costa Rica, El Salvador, Barbados, Jamaica, Galapagos, Panama, Nicaragua, & Peru

World Surfaris

World Surfaris represent a diverse range of “Unique Surf Adventures” catering to all surfers and their budgets.Australia, Caroline Islands, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Maldives, & Boat Trips