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How to Cut Shafts and Glue T-tops on SUP Paddles

Sizing: Determine the size of your paddle by adding 6″-10″ to your overall height. If you paddle more frequently in the Surf, lean towards the shorter end of the range for quicker maneuverability on the waves. For flar water paddling go longer since you will likely be standing straighter.

Cut the paddle to the desired height. For carbon shafts use a sharp hack saw or power saw. For aluminum shafts a hack saw is fine. Make sure it’s an even cut to allow the T-top to lay flat



Lightly sand the outside of the shaft where it will be inserted into the T-top. This creates texture to which the glue will adhere


Use regular setting 2 part epoxy glue. Make sure to use an adequate amount of glue to ensure a watertight seal. Failure to do so will cause water to leak into the shaft. Please let glue completely dry for 24 hours before use


IMPORTANT! How to orient the T-top….. Place the flat part of the T-top facing the font of of the blade. The top should fit into your fingers when you grip it. Once the T-top is placed into this position sight down the shaft to ensure the T-top is parallel to the blade


Excess glue should seep out from where the T-top meets the shaft. Clean excess glue from around the seal with a paper towel. An even amount of glue seeping out is a good indication of a good seal.

Set the paddle upside down, secure it so it won’t fall and let it dry overnite. This helps the seal around the T-top rather than dripping down the shaft.

Go paddle and HAVE FUN!