About Eastern Lines


Surfing is lots of Fun and one of the fastest-growing natural sports today. Nothing can match the feeling of paddling for an open Ocean swell, catching the wave, jumping to your feet, and riding a wave formed of pure ocean energy! In addition to Surfing, we also offer lessons in Bodyboarding and the new sport of Stand-up Paddle Surfing! Our experienced staff of Instructors will guide you through all the essential fundamentals needed to get you started on your Ocean Adventure……..

Beginners start with the basics of water safety, paddling and wave selection. We stress Safety! All of our Surfboard lessons are given on soft Surfboards. The site is determined by our instructors to optimize your safety, fun and learning experience. We teach at your pace and cater to the individuals or groups and their abilities.

Intermediate Surfers can benefit from advanced lessons from our instructors on bottom turns, top turns, cut-backs, barrel riding, reading swell directions, conditions and more!

We offer Lessons 7 days a week from late May through September. All you need to do is call the shop at 732-681-6405 and schedule an appointment!

We now offer Lessons in the new fast-growing sport of Stand-Up Paddle Surfing! We offer individual one on one lessons both in the river and ocean to introduce you to the basics needed……….

Our Lessons are tailored to your needs and schedules……. Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, Weekday or Weekends!

Surfing Private Lesson : $90.00/ 75 Minutes

3 pack of Private Lessons $240.00

Surfing Group of 2 : $85.00/ each – 75 Minutes

Surfing Group of 3 : $75.00/each – 75 Minutes

Bodyboarding Private Lesson : $85.00/ 75 Minutes

Stand-Up Paddling (up to 2 people) : $150.00/ 90 min (includes board & paddle)

All lessons include use of Boards!

To schedule a Lesson call 732-681-6405