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G-Land Indonesia

A place of mystery, perfection and danger.
grajagan-aka-g-land-map.jpgHome to one of the worlds most incredible left handers. G-Land is located at southern tip of Java where deap Indian Ocean swells organize on a razor sharp reef. There are three main section to the wave, Kong’s, Moneytrees and Speedies. Each with their own challenges.
Kongs is at the tip of the reef and normally the biggest section. It can roll in a little easier than Moneytrees but it’s hard sometimes to determine where the next wave with break. Moneytrees on the otherhand is a no-joke serious takeoff spot. The majority of the waves that comes through are already curling by. You just need to get on it. If you’re an experience G-Land charger then you’ll be able to read Kongs for the set waves that make Moneytrees light up. If you can pass Moneytrees you might find yourself in Launching Pads headed for Speedies. This is where most of the visitors spend clogging the lineup. Then end of the line at Chickens where the wave seems to weaken. Launching Pads and Speeds are a little less intimidating than Money Trees and Kong’s however each one is dangerous especially at low tide. Your best, if new to G-Land, is to surf at high tide. You’ll hear tons of stories of razor-reef victims Helivac’d back to Kuta for treatment for taking it on the head with G-Land’s dangerously sharp coral. It’s also a good idea to bring reef booties. They will save your feet from getting slashed on the reef while trekking out to the surf.


The Camps
There are two main camps on G-Land. Bobby’s Camp and Joyo’s Jungle Camp. Bobby’s is a little more expensive but offers a bit more accommodation’s. Joyo’s is a bit more simple and a bit futher from the waves. At both camps you’ll meet surfers from all over the world. A new flock of surfers come and go every three or four days keeping the camps pretty much booked through the season. The Season starts around Mid-March and ends Mid-November. The Best time for a more consistent swells is around July-August where you will have to deal with a packed lineup jockeying for waves. Earlier or later in the season the crowds are thinned out.


Getting There
Most people get to Grajagan via Bali. If you’re staying on Bali and looking to get off the island for a few days than G-Land might be your ticket. You can book online or at Tubes Restaurant on Poppies Lane II or Swell Restaurant on Poppies Lane I in Kuta. Your looking at a minimum of about $300 for a week. Includes travel from Bali to the camp (Getting to Bali is up to you. See Dan C’s writeup on Bali). The ride is usually long and uncomfortable. For an extra $100 bucks or so you can take a boat direct from Bali to G-Land. It will cut your time down substantially.

Definitely a Magical Place.
G-Land not only offers one of the earth perfect waves but one of the most incredible Jungles in the world. The sunsets are spectacular every night and chances are you’ll see everything from Komodo Dragons, Sumatran Tigers, Blue Temple Vipers and Ubud Monkeys. Don’t worry, Your camp huts are raised above ground to avoid any such creature hassling you through the night.