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Alva Skates

Founded by Tony Alva in the 1970s, Alva is one of the first skateboard companies to be owned and operated by a skateboarder. Tony Alva is considered to be one of the most influential skateboards of all time. So if you’re in the market for a new skateboard deck, look no further than this pioneer brand! One of the first companies to use layered plywood, Alva skateboard decks are a favorite among professionals around the world.
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  • Alva 1979 Leopard 9.25x30 Deck

    Alva 1979 Leopard 9.25×30 Deck



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  • Alva 1985 Dagger 10x31-250

    Alva 1985 Dagger 10×31 Deck



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  • Alva Bela 8.5x27 Deck

    Alva Bela 8.5×27 Deck



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  • Alva Dead Piranha 10x34 Deck

    Alva Dead Piranha 10×34 Deck



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  • Alva Groholski 9.25x33 Blk

    Alva Groholski 9.25×33 Deck



  • Alva Hyperkick 9.5x33

    Alva Hyperkick 9.5×33 Deck



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  • Alva Millenium 9.25x33.25

    Alva Millenium Fade 9.25×33.25 Deck



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  • Alva Modern Fish 9.5x31.5-250

    Alva Modern Fish 9.5×31.5 Deck



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  • Alva New Leopard Blk 10x33

    Alva New Leopard 10×33 Deck



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  • Alva Pescado Deck

    Alva Pescado 12×37 Deck



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  • Alva Splatter 10.5x30.5

    Alva Splatter Re-Issue 10.5×30.5 Deck



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  • Alva Urban Guerilla 8.75x32.5-250

    Alva Urban Guerilla 8.75×32.5 Deck



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