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Beginning in the 1970s, Dogtown has become the brand that awakened the skateboarding industry in Santa Monica and Venice, California. As an area infested with surfers, including future Dogtown owner Jim Muir, surfers craved something new on those dark days when waves were nonexistent. Muir introduced skateboarding to the community and now Dogtown is forever synonymous with hardcore riding. The brand specializes in everything skateboarders need from decks to apparel and accessories. Constructed from sturdy 7 ply maple and classically shaped with a spoon nose and 80s styled concave, Dogtown skateboard decks deliver a sense of nostalgia to the glory days of skateboarding. The company keeps their boards simple with minimal graphics so their wood stain finishes take center stage. Built with a traditional shape, their decks are made to take on any riding style from technical tricks to freestyle.

Please Note: Pictures are for display only! Graphics and inventory changes very frequently. For current availability or colors and models please e-mail orders.easternlines@gmail.com or call 732-681-6405

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  • Dogtown Born Again 10x30-250

    Dogtown Born Again Re-Issue 10×30



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  • Dogtown Eric Dressen 10x30.75

    Dogtown Dressen Re-Issue 10×30.75 Deck



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  • Dogtown OG Big Foot 11.75x31 Deck

    Dogtown OG Big Foot 11.75×31 Deck



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  • Dogtown Classic Bulldog 10x30

    Dogtown OG Classic Bulldog 10×30 Deck



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  • Dogtown Oster 10.37x31

    Dogtown Oster Re-Issue 10.37×31 Deck



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  • Dogtown Pool Boy 9.37x33

    Dogtown Pool Big Boy II 9×32.75 Deck



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  • Dogtown Red Dog Muir-250

    Dogtown Red Dog Muir 11×30.12 Deck



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